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Επειδη μας αρεσουν και οι ταινιες , βρηκα καταγεγραμμένες μερικες στο διαδίκτυο:
(ψαξτε τις και στο youtube!)


Bicycle Thief (1948)
Directed by the Fascist-era matinee idol Vittorio De Sica from a script by veteran screenwriter Cesare Zavattini, said by the Village Voice to be the most universally praised movie produced anywhere on planet earth during the first decade after World War II. A workman spends a whole day looking in vain in the streets of Rome for the bicycle someone has stolen from him.
(added by Doug Mink)

Breaking Away (1979)
Local cyclist in a small town (townies aka "cutters"), lives, eats, and breathes cycling and everything else Italian, comes of age in a race against college kids. Based on Dave Blaze, and his experiences at Indiana University and the Little 500.

American Flyers (1985)
Two brothers, a former National caliber rider (Kevin Costner) and his enthusiastic 'newbee' brother, take an adventure to the 'Hell of the West' (aka Coors Classic) stage race. Lots of good 'Coors Classic' footage in this one, even Eddy Merckx makes an appearance.

Trials and tribulations in the tough world of bicycle messengers in San Francisco. Stars Kevin Bacon, and Nelson Vails, with great stunt shots of cycling (often in illegal ways) in traffic.

The Flying Scotchman
The true story of Graeme Obree, the Champion cyclist who built his bicycle from old bits of washing machines who won his championship only to have his title stripped from him and his mental health problems which he has suffered since.


2 Seconds (1998)
A mountain biking film about a female bike racer who gets tired of the racing life and finds the true meaning of life with the help of an old crochety bike shop owner. There are good downhill racing scenes at the begining. It's French Canadian with subtitles, was directed by Manon Briand, and stars Charlotte Laurier and Dino Tavarone. This movie is available in VHS and DVD formats.
(Added by Ron Spohn)

20 Shades of Pink (1976)
A middle-aged house painter, going through mid-life crisis, takes up cycling for exercise and meets up with an attractive young bike racer. The painter thinks she is interested in him on a personal level when she really only wants to help him prepare for an age-group bike race. Directed by Paul Stanley, with Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, and Keenan Wynn.
(Added by John Reed)

Beasts of Burden
It depicts the hard side of the bike messenger's life and society. It may be realism, with emphasis on the unhappy side, but it certainly makes you want to avoid that life. It shows drugs and alcohol, insufficient money, an alienated approach to living, a very hard job. On the other hand, the scenes of cycling in traffic, taken by a bike-mounted camera, are very exciting.
(reviewed by John Forester in rec.bicycles.misc, 18 August 1993)

Beijing Bicycle (Shiqi sui de dan che) (2001)
While watching this movie I couldn't help but be reminded of The Bicycle Thief (Ladri di biciclette). This is a story of determination of two young men. One works hard for a bicycle courier and on the day he would have earned the bike, it is stolen. The other steals money from his family and buys a bike so that he can impress a girl. Yes, it's the same bike.
Amazingly, Guo is able to find his stolen bike, but that isn't the end of his troubles. I couldn't help but feel for all the crap he has to put up with, especially since all he wanted was to be a hard worker. Yet, like us all, life threw him a curveball and he does everything in his power to deal with the situation. (Added by Andrew Nixon)

Red light go! (2002 USA)
This is a terrific documentary about life as a bike messenger in New York City. We meet several messengers by day, when they wrassle with NYC taxis, bad weather, crowds, traffic, and indifferent customers while delivering packages and documents all over town at high speed.
By night and on the weekends the messengers participate in alleycat racing -- illegal races through the city. The racers must each stop at several checkpoints, but they can hit them in any order. The racing section of the film focuses on the scariest race of the year -- at night, on Halloween, in Manhattan, during rush hour. Fun to watch, but not for the faint of heart to ride.

Breaking Away (TV)
In this TV series, based on the movie of the same name, Shawn Cassady plays the role of Dave Stoller, bike racer. This one is tough to find, as it only lasted one season in the early 80's.

The Day I Became a Woman ('Η μέρα που έγινα γυναίκα'-)
Three short stories about women in modern Iran, one of which is about a woman who wants to enter a bicycle race and her husband who is very much against it. (Added by Kimberly Hodes)

the Hard Road (2003)
Jamie Paolinetti's feature length documentary follows a first year professional cycling team led by two veterans through a year on the American racing circuit.

Hugo's Magic Pump
Hugo is the winningest 6 day racer in Italy, beating everyone, incuding the Mafia's 'Fixed' riders. To stop losing gambling monies, the Mafia decides to wear Hugo down by throwing beautiful women at him, hoping to reduce his endurance and stamina. This Adult movie from the late 70's was 'Competive Cycling' magazines choice for best cycling footage in the era before 'Breaking Away'... Dubbed.

Joey Brown, 6 Day Racer
A 1940's bike messenger wins the big 6-day race. A hard to find BW film from the 40's. Lots of 6-day footage, starring era comedian, Joey Brown.

Jour de Fete (1949)
In this French film, filmmaker/comedian Jacques Tati plays a wacky bike-riding postman attempting to modernize delivery service.
(Added by Jym Dyer, text from 1999 Bike Summer Film Festival)

The Messenger (1999)
Not to be confused with Luc Besson's 1999 movie about Joan of Arc, this Japanese movie about bicycle messengers deserves a looking at by anyone enamored with the bicycle messenger genre. It is available in Video CD format with English subtitles from http://www.getvcds.com/vcd/search.shtml?field=title&searchtext=messenger...
Added by John Graham

Middle of the World (O Caminho das Nuvens) (2004)
"The true story of a man who takes his wife and five children on a 2,000 mile bicycle trip across Brazil in search of a decent job."
Director: Vicente Amorim
Starring: Cla'udia Abreu, Manoel Sebastia~o Alves Filho, Carol Castro, Lai's Corre^a, Claudio Jaborandy
(added by Doug Mink from the Independent Film Report)

Off Road to Athens (2004)
A documentary about the 2004 U.S. Olympic Mountain Bike Team
(added by Doug Mink)

On Time (1987)
A short comedy about a bike messenger in New York directed by Ari Taub.
suggested by Michele Aquila

One Less Car (1991)
A Boston filmmaker profiles people who use their bicycles instead of cars for a variety of transportation uses.
(added by Doug Mink)

Return of the Scorcher (1992)
This movie was made by bicycle activist Ted White to show the superiority of the bicycle to the automobile, with scenes from all over the world. One of its claims to fame is that it's where the name "Critical Mass" comes from.
(added by Doug Mink and Jym Dyer)

A Sunday in Hell: 1976 Paris-Roubaix
This movie shows the trials of long-distance, "radonneur" bicycle racing.

Stars and Water Carriers
Stars and Water Carriers is a better movie with much better scenes of Eddy (The Cannibal) Merckx and how he won so much.The film shows the strain on Eddy's face and clearly shows how much effort he put into his racing. This is a Danish documentary with added English sound track so it sounds a bit funny, but it takes my vote for best cycling video to date.

The Triplets of Belleville 2003 Sony Pictures Classics [Yahoo] [ Trailer]
This animated feature, directed by Sylvain Chomet and starring Jean-Claude Donda, Michel Robin and Monica Viegas, concerns a youth named Champion who is never happier than while on his bicycle. He grows up and enters the world-famous cycling race, the Tour de France. During the Tour, two mysterious men in black kidnap Champion and the woman who raised him, Madame Souza and her faithful dog set out to rescue him. Their quest takes them across the ocean to a giant megalopolis called Belleville where they encounter the renowned "Triplets of Belleville," three eccentric female music-hall stars from the 30s who help on the mission to save Champion.

Le Velo de Ghislain Lambert (2000)
A French/Belgian comedy telling the story of Ghislain Lambert, a fictional road racer, a "water carrier", as used in the previous movie. According to one reviewer, "The movie shows us, in a very realistic manner, the "backstage" of professional cycling, and at the same time maintains its sense of humor."
(Recommended by Nicolas Deschatrettes)

Who Owns The Streets/We Are Traffic (1999)
Ted White's documentary traces the unique Critical Mass bike movement from its early days in San Francisco to its growth of thousands of cyclists each months and its spread to more than 100 cities in 14 countries. The movie explores the ideas of reclaiming public space, commercial-free cultural events, and rethinking traditional models of political demonstration.
(Added by Jym Dyer, text from 1999 Bike Summer Film Festival)

The Yellow Jersey
A PBS Documentary from the Early 70's, showing the trials of the American team at a stage race in Canada.

Videos filmed on a bike during a professional bike race. The first, of the 2000 Golden, Colorado Pro 1/2 Circuit Race is available now. Samples of the upcoming video of the 2000 Bannock Criterium are on line, but I'm looking forward to the announced "Chicago Bike Messenger" video.
Suggested by John Bickmore, who made them.

Movies Where Bicycling Plays a Part

I haven't seen this, but apparently it's a really bad B-movie about a post-apocalyptic (or post-energy-crisis) California where there's no oil and everyone bikes. Old cars are used as houses, and there's a Beach Boys song about *biking*. Also, Meatloaf is in it and eats a car.
(Added by Jym Dyer)

A Midsummer Night's Dream
The 1999 version is set sometime in the late 19th Century, and has lots of bicycles in it. While adhering to Shakespeare's dialogue, it manages to work bicycles into the plot.
(Added by Jym Dyer)

Better Off Dead
Not about biking per se, but there's a tenacious paper boy who follows the protagonist everywhere on his bike -- including down the dreaded K12 ski slope -- in hopes of collecting his $2 payment. "I want my $2!" has lived on in form of a $2 coupon for Pedro's.
(Added by Jym Dyer)

No bicycle plot, but Christopher Walken commutes on a recumbent and scenes of him arriving at work and at home on it are pretty cool.
(added by Doug Mink)

E.T. The Extraterrestrial
Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1982, this movie is about a boy named Eliot, a lovable extra-terrestrial named E.T., and the quest to get E.T. back "home." The film climaxes in one of the greatest chase sequences ever filmed - as Eliot and his friends (the good guys) take off with E.T. on their trusty BMX bikes, fleeing from the government authorities driving offical motorized vehicles (the bad guys). This is a movie where the kids and bicycling dominate - and it's sheer joy to see bicycles crashing onto and demolishing cars, for a change! And with E.T. riding in Eliot's front basket, of course, the kids get the bike ride of their lives - and so does the audience. "E.T." is one of the ultimate feel-good movies - great for family/group-viewing anytime.
(added by Jack Johnson)

The Goonies, 1985
A group of children find a treasure map in an attic and bicycle around Astoria, Oregon, on a wild adventure. While pursuing his missing brother on a teeny bike, an older sibling has an adrenaline-pumping run-in with his nemesis, who is driving an automobile.
(suggested by Heather Andrews)

The Great Muppet Caper (1981)
Reporters Kermit and Fozzie are sent to London to cover a series of jewel robberies. In a "one-upping" of the bicycle scene from The Muppet Movie, this movie features a scene with all the Muppets on bicycles. And Miss Piggy on a motorcycle.
(suggested by Heather Andrews)

Hoodwinked! (2005)
Several characters involved in a domestic disturbance at Granny's cottage have very different memories of the same incident. Red rides around the forest delivering goodies from Granny's bakery when the adventure begins. By the end, the nefarious Goody Bandit is unveiled, and Red's relationship with Granny is forever changed.
(suggested by Heather Andrews)

Key Exchange
The play on which this movie was based used bicycles as scene transitions. The male star waxes rhapsodic about cycling around Central Park. I have heard that the movie de-emphasizes the bicycle motif. Its cast includes Danny Aeillo and one of the actors from "Breaking Away".
(added by Doug Mink)

Life is Beautiful
Director/star Roberto Benigni, before being imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp, tools around Italy on a bike, including into the arms of a charming woman he later marries.
(added by James Lowenthal)

Little Miss Marker
A depression era bookie (Walter Matthau) gets stuck with a little girl, left as an IOU (marker). Only about 5 minutes of 6-day racing in this one. The track is a portable one, built by the same builder as the portable Atlanta Olympic Velodrome.

The Muppet Movie (1979)
Kermit the Frog travels to Hollywood meeting all the Muppet friends along the way, while attempting to thwart Doc Hopper, who wants Kermit's frog legs for a new fast food chain. A memorable scene features a wide shot of Kermit the Frog riding a bicycle, before the abilities of computer animation, and when he had previously only been seen from the waist up. (The bicycle is unfortunately flattened by a steamroller.)
(suggested by Heather Andrews)

Pee Wee's Big Adventure
The opening scene is Pee Wee Herman dreaming about winning the Tour de France, and the whole plot of the movie is about Pee Wee looking for his stolen bike.

Il Postino (The Postman) (Italy, 1994)
Pablo Neruda stays in Italy while exiled from Chile, and Italian postman Mario delivers his mail daily by bike. The men become friends, and Neruda introduces Mario to poetry, romance, and revolution.
(suggested by Heather Andrews)

Project A (1983)
Beyond great fights, this movie features a chase scene through alleyways with Jackie on a bicycle that should be included in any "great moments on film" compilation. Plus, it has a great Harold Lloyd homage scene with a clock tower.
(from The Jackie Chan Mailing List Proudly Presents the Annotated Jackie Chan Filmography otherwise known as "John's Little Opinions" at http://www.tmn.com/~schone/chan/com.htm)

The Straight Story (1999)
Admittedly a small scene, but look carefully and see the recumbents pass lawn tractor riding Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth), in this David Lynch movie.
(Added by Pat McCarty)
The Tall Blonde Man With One Black Shoe (1972)
A power struggle at the French Secret Service spills into the life of an innocent concert violinist who fiddles obliviously while rival spies and hit men try to set him up for a final bow. Not entirely innocent, as he carries on an affair with a fellow musician while her husband is out bicycling every weekend. Some of the bicycling scenes are pretty funny.
(added by Doug Mink, one of my favorite movies)

The Man With One Red Shoe (1985)
This US remake of The Tall Blonde Man With One Black Shoe stars Tom Hanks, with Jim Belushi as his bicycing buddy (and cuckolded husband of Carrie Fisher), Lori Singer (from Fame) as the gorgeous blonde spy, appropriately villanous Dabney Coleman and Charles Durning as the dueling spy chiefs, and Edward Hermann as the good spy. There is a fantastic bicycle chase scene which involves biking over a car. The French version is better, but not by as much as you might expect.
(added by Doug Mink, after seeing it on TV)

Time Chasers
Not only does the hero of the movie ride a bike as a major form of transportation (though he uses an airplane to make his time machine), but when he travels into the utopian future there are tons of bicycles, along with buildings made out of recycled material. This movie was heckled on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and is available from its maker, Edgewood Studios (They even have a trailer online).
(added by Turil Cronburg)
Un Affaire D'Hommes (1981)
Jean-Louis Trintignant is an architect and joins a bicycle racing group where a detective (Claude Brasseur) is member. He uses this friendship to cover the murder of his wife. The film includes several scenes of the group's weekly race (which also plays a part in the murderer's alibi), and the final confrontation is done using bikes, not guns.
Wizard of Oz (1939)
Dorothy finds herself transported from her Kansas farm to the deliciously technicolor Oz. She must find her way home, but helps a few friends along the way. In the beginning of the movie, the evil Miss Gulch rides her bicycle to the family farm to complain about Dorothy's dog Toto. When caught in a tornado, Dorothy sees Miss Gulch on her bicycle transform into a witch on her broomstick--a witch she then encounters in Oz.
(suggested by Heather Andrews)

"Bicycle Repair man"
των Monty Pythons (flying circus tv series)

"Totò al giro d'Italia" (checkαρετε το στο youtube)

"Our hospitality"
Buster Keaton


* Cycling Films Big List
This is a *really* big list, with over 100 films from 20 countries, researched, compiled and edited by Séamus King.
[This list has only 39]
* Bicycle Film Festival
2004 is its fourth year; last year they screened 40 short and feature length films from around the world. It is a celebration of bicycles and bicycle culture through art, film, and music and takes place in New York city.
(suggested by Brendt Barbur)
* World Cycling Productions
They seem to have a fantastic stock of bicycle videos in both VHS and DVD formats. Let me know how they deal with you if you order from them.
* Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions 5.7 Bicycle Racing Movies
Updating this list was how the MassBike Bicycle Movie list got started. It has longer descriptions, though.
* Bike Austin
A pretty good, but shorter, categorized list. Sometimes it has more information about individual movies.
* BuyIndies Bicycle Films
Some interesting independent films about bicycling sold through a clearing house (which sells lots of other kinds of movies, too) a la Bibliofind

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Υπαρχει και το καλυτερο ολων, ενα ντοκιμαντερ για την γεννηση του MTB.
In the late 1960s through the 1970s a group of cyclists in Northern California's Marin County turned the bicycle world upside-down by taking their adventures off-road


Joe Breeze ... Himself
Gary Fisher ... Himself
Charlie Kelly ... Himself
Tom Ritchey ... Himself
Mike Sinyard ... Himself


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Θα μπορούσες ίσως να προσθέσεις και το Les Triplettes de Belleville.


Eξαιρετικό post!
Και βέβαια το αριστουργηματικό Les Triplettes de Belleville...

Εικόνα xtravaganzagold

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-ποιος ξερει ?! Μπορει μια μερα να διοργανωσουμε και μεις ενα φεστιβαλ ταινιων με θεμα το ποδηλατο , εστω στο πεδιο του Αρεως με βιντεοπροβολεα !!!

Τα βρηκα καλύτερα οργανωμενα οποτε και εκανα re-edit !
στο τελος του αρθρου ειχε και μερικες διευθυνσεις με αλλες σελιδες
με ταινιες ή τιτλους ταινιων !


Να προσθέσω κι εγώ μια πολύ ωραία αίσθηση που ανακάλεσα από μιαν Ιρανική, σπονδυλωτή ταινία της Μαρζιγιέ Μεσκινί, που λέγεται στα ελληνικά, 'Η μέρα που έγινα γυναίκα'. Είναι τρεις ιστορίες, όπου η δεύτερη αναφέρεται σε μια κοπέλλα, που έλαβε μέρος και ήρθε πρώτη σε έναν αγώνα ποδηλάτου για γυναίκες. Η οικογένειά της φυσικά προσπαθεί να περιορίσει αυτό της το 'αντρικό' πάθος, πράγμα που είναι αδύνατον και δεν θα ξεχάσω τη δύναμη της τελικής σκηνής, όπου η κοπέλα φορώντας το τσαντόρ της, στα κατάμαυρα, τρέχει πάνω στο ποδήλατό της, για να ξεφύγει από τους άντρες της οικογένειάς της που την κυνηγούν καλπάζοντας πάνω στ' άλογά τους .
Και μια ωραία σκηνή απ'τη πρόσφατη ταινία του Mike Leigh, που παίζεται τώρα στους κινηματογράφους, καθώς ξεκινάει, με την ηρωίδα, δασκάλα δημοτικού, πάνω στο ποδήλατό της, να ταξιδεύει στους δρόμους του Λονδίνου ανάμεσα σε άλλους ποδηλάτες. Φτάνει στον προορισμό της και δένει το ποδήλατό της σε κάποια κάγκελα μαζί με άλλα ποδήλατα. Όταν αργότερα βγαίνει για να το πάρει, το ποδήλατο έχει εξαφανιστεί. Σαν κεραυνόπληκτη, κάνει να τρέξει από δώ, κάνει να τρέξει από κεί, στο πουθενά ουσιαστικά κι όταν στιγμιαία το συνειδητοποιεί, σταματάει λέγοντας μ'ενα στωϊκό μειδίαμα, 'well then, I didn't even have the chance to say good-buy...' (Καλά λοιπόν, δεν είχα καν την ευκαιρία να πω αντίο...)


The Flying Scotchman

(από imdb.com)

The true story of Graeme Obree, the Champion cyclist who built his bicycle from old bits of washing machines who won his championship only to have his title stripped from him and his mental health problems which he has suffered since.

Πολύ καλή


Με πρόλαβες πήγα για ένα μικρο υπνάκο.....

Ευχαριστούμε για τη συλλογή....

Εικόνα xtravaganzagold

royaloak , psipsinel , hercha , thanks!

Εικόνα lyhadj

Πολύ καλά!!!!!!!
Συμπλήρωσε και το περίφημο "Bicycle Repair man" των Monty Pythons και το σπανιο αλλά καταπληκτικό "Totò al giro d'Italia" ...


Βάλε και τον φοβερό Ζακ Τατί στο Μέρα γιορτής!

Εικόνα lyhadj

Το μέρα γιορτής το έχει βάλει. Ο Τατι εχει κάνει και ενα καταπληκτικό ταινιάκι μικρού μήκους "L'ecole des fracteurs" . Οι ταχυδρόμοι με τα ποδήλατα τους πρέπει να τα βάλουν με τους νέους μοντέρνους ρυθμούς διανομής επιστολών.....
Επίσης σε ταινία του Buster Keaton (our hospitality) εμφανίζεται ο ιδιος καβαλόντας ποδήλατο χωρις πετάλια τα περίφημα draisine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandy_horse

Εικόνα xtravaganzagold

lyhadj , royaloak , την ταινια του Τατι Tην ειχε όντως μεσα η λιστα , με τον γαλλικο τιτλο ομως !
(παιδια να δειτε και μια αλλη ταινια του, την "playtime" , την οποια και λατρευω και ας μην εχει ποδηλατα αλλα μια διαφορετικη (εστω) αντιληψη για την κινηση στους δρομους !!!
(την ρομαντικη ,την ποδηλατικη θα ελεγα !)

lihadj , δηλωνω και εγω υπερηφανα λατρης των monty python και για την ιστορια , να σημειωσω οτι το σκετς που αναφερεις βρισκεται στη τηλεοπτικη σειρα "the flying circus" που αξιζει , ψαχνοντας το συγκεκριμενο αποσπασμα , να την δεις ολοκληρη (..4 DVD !)

keep on !
Δειτε και το '"τραγουδια με ποδηλατα" , να τα μαθουμε να τα τραγουδαμε σε πορειες . βολτες , αλητογατους !

Εικόνα lyhadj

Πρόσθεσε και το :
Red light go! (2002 USA)
This is a terrific documentary about life as a bike messenger in New York City. We meet several messengers by day, when they wrassle with NYC taxis, bad weather, crowds, traffic, and indifferent customers while delivering packages and documents all over town at high speed.
By night and on the weekends the messengers participate in alleycat racing -- illegal races through the city. The racers must each stop at several checkpoints, but they can hit them in any order. The racing section of the film focuses on the scariest race of the year -- at night, on Halloween, in Manhattan, during rush hour. Fun to watch, but not for the faint of heart to ride.
Το είχαμε δείξει και στο φεστβάλ ποδηλ. ταινιών το 2005 με υποτιτλους που είχαν φτιάξει οι ποδηλάτρες των Χανιων.

Εικόνα airpeace79

ΟΧΙ ΒΕΒΑΙΑ......δεν είναι η κατεξοχήν ποδηλατική ταινία αλλά.....
εκεί που την παρακολουθώ γίνεται η απόδραση και το σκάνε όσοι το σκάνε,ο καθένας δοκιμάζει και διαφορετικό τρόπο διαφυγής
α)τρένο=τους πιάνουν
β)αεροπλάνο=τους πιάνουν
γ)μηχανή=τους πιάνουν
δ)φορτηγό=τους πιάνουν
δώστε βάση james coburn(εάν θυμάμαι καλά),περπατάει ανέμελα με το μικρό του βαλιτσάκι πλησιάζοντας μία ράμπα με ποδήλατα έξω απο ένα σιδηροδρομικό σταθμό ακουμπάει την βαλίτσα στην σχάρα ενος ποδηλάτου και ρίχνει ένα αδιάφορο βλέφαρο,όλα εντάξει πιάνει το τιμόνι και ορίστε ενα λουκέτο ΝΑ με το συμπάθειο πρόβλημα όμως κανένα δεν μασάει και σε κλάσματα δευτερολέπτου βγάζει ένα κοφτάκι(ούτε παραγγελία να το είχε)και τσακ μην τον είδατε τον κύριο,επόμενο πλάνο ένας αμέριμνος δραπέτης ποδηλάτης να διασχίζει γραφικά δρομάκια στην εξοχή.Φυσικά και δεν πιάστηκε......

bin podilanden
Εικόνα bin podilanden

μια φορά είχα δει στο γκούγκλ μια αφίσα με τον παραπάνω τίτλο που αφορούσε ένα φεστιβάλ ταινιών με ποδήλατο στη Γαλλία

Εικόνα xtravaganzagold

..και με προσθετο ενδιαφερον!
Free Image Hosting

'βγηκαμε απο τα ρουχα μας" , Ελληνικο ντοκυμαντερ

Εικόνα scarpedico

επειδη ψηνομαι να δω καμια αλλα πανω υπαρχει χαος(τοσε πολλες δεν περιμενα.....)
εχετε δυο τρεις να προτηνετε μπας και τις βρω?(ντοκιμαντερ-ταινια)

Εικόνα xtravaganzagold
Εικόνα slayerarg

εκτός απο τον Ιπτάμενο Σκωτσέζο τις άλλες τις βρίσκουμε σε video club???

Αλλιώς πού??


Δεν ειναι ταινια αλλα ενα πολυ ωραιο κλιπακι με ποδηλατα(ειναι και ωραιο τραγουδι.)

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wraio topic!

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Ας μείνει ασχολίαστο,μην το ξεχειλώσουμε το σεντόνι.
Αρκετά δροσιστικό.
robin des bois

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Frank Zappa Playing music on a Bicycle 1963

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Και μερικές ταινίες ακόμα.

Bicycles are for Summer (Spanish: Las bicicletas son para el verano) Fernando Fernán Gómez 1984 directed by Jaime Chávarri.

In Madrid, the family of Don Luis, his wife Dolores and their children, Manolita and Luisito, share the daily life of the Civil War with their maid and neighbours. Despite having failed his exams, Luisito wants his father to buy him a bicycle. However, the situation forces them to delay the purchase and the delay, like the war itself, is to last much longer than expected.
The movie, and the book it was drawn from, show how daily life was conducted during the war. Unexpected things happen, but people find ways to survive. Above all, it is a story of survival and adaptation.

La bicicleta (ES) Sigfrid Monleón 2005

We wanted to create three stories around a bicycle in a modern city—a city made for cars—and see what would happen, the types of contradictions that would result from this as regards urbanism, models of cities, the fluidity of movement ... all of these themes can be found in some way or other in the three stories, each of which have an interest and a thematic field of their own.
What interested me was to put the characters in relation with the city that surrounds them, and to do this through a new prism. Given that in cities all the space is reserved for cars, by taking their bicycle the characters expose themselves to outer attacks.
Valencia is a booming city, marked by a decaying urbanism where there are old parts, often dilapidated, but alongside these are architectural monuments, the landscape of a modern city. Between the two, we find all the typical places of transit of a city, clusters of streets and parts of a city in a growth phase. All of this seemed very cinematic as a living organism to me

Muerte de un ciclista (death of a cyclist) Juan Antonio Bardem 1955

Juan is an academic, his career stalled, teaching at the university because of his brother-in-law's prestige. María José is a socialite, married to wealth, bored but attached to her comforts. The two are lovers. On an isolated country road, their car strikes a cyclist; fearing exposure, they leave him to die. Distracted, Juan unjustly fails a student. Rafa, a bitter savant in their social circle, hints that he knows something, and he threatens to expose them to María José's husband, Miguel. Miguel's pride may be the lovers' best hope. Then Juan proposes a solution.

Columbus discov...
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Κυριοι, ξεχασαμε το καταπληκτικο "Εγκωμιον ποδηλατου".....
Ελληνικο, προφητικοτατο (για την εποχη του), ποιοτικοτατο, ..και δυσευρετο...

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Δειτε αναφορά στο Εγκώμιον ποδηλάτου : http://podilates.gr/node/4610
Την έστειλα στον slayer, ελπίζω να την βάλει στο διαδικτυο να την κατεβάσουν όσοι θέλουν.

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και αυτο το μουσικό videoclip

Nikko Patrelakis | Shortcut
στους δρομους της Αθήνας